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ChessMates: the one and only connected chess board

You like to play chess occasionally either with your friends at home or on the internet. When you play online you miss the pleasure and the comfort of playing on a real board with beautifully carved pieces.  
Whether you are a chess player or not, you would like your children to learn this always-in-fashion game. Learning chess helps children to focus, build strategies, and weigh alternatives.  It also teaches them to compete and to have fun by thinking actively. An effective way for children to learn chess is to play online, but as a parent you worry about too much screen time as well as distractions such as apps, websites or social media and the risk of bad encounters.     

Meet ChessMates; a handsome wooden chess board that is connected through WiFi to the internet. It looks like a classic chessboard but is intelligent and interactive:  
- 16 inch x 16 inch (40 cm x 40 cm) wooden chessboard
- Automatic piece recognition on each square
- Color changing squares that inform of possible moves or hints
- Precisely carved wood pieces with unique signature to be identified seamlessly on the board
- Interactive lessons with a voice interface 
- Automatic and 100% safe access to public chess servers and our own servers to find online players of your strength anytime
- Long lasting rechargeable battery to play weeks without charging
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- The Fitzroy Games Team, makers of ChessMates

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